Early modern (1500 CE – 1800 CE)

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Alphabetical by author,  books with a # symbol, denotes the link is to a digitised online version


Betson, T., 1517. Syon Abbey Herbal.  Adams, J., & Forbes, S., (Eds, 2015 edition). London: AMCD Publishers.

#Culpeper, N., 1653.  Culpeper’s Complete Herbal.  London: Richard Evans. 1816 reprint.#

#Gerard, J., 1636. The herball: or a generall historie of plantes. London: Adam Islip.#

#Parkinson, J., 1629.  Paradisi in Sole, Paradisus Terrestris 1629. London: Methuen Edition 1905#

#Parkinson, J., 1640.  Theatrum Botanicum. London: Thomas Coates.#

#Woodville W., 1790. Medical Botany. 3 vols + Supplement. London .#


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